Fine Art and Architectural photography + Radiesthesia in photography


When I turned 16, my heart beat for love for the first time. I saw him again after 20 years, united by a bond beyond time. Time showed us truths that distanced us once more. Studying the universal laws through the I Ching oracle, I could recognize where my fear of loving originated. The fear of love is an ailment that has infected humanity. In society, fear directly contrasts and suffocates love. A community that instills fear cannot experience life freely. When did this become my belief?
Love failure inspired me to decipher my misconceptions about love. Through a guided path with the mountain element in the I Ching oracle, I was able to correct it. Each photograph represents an I Ching hexagram combined with the five elements of Tao. The woman interpreting the story embodies the pink mountain of the I Ching. She explores a new path toward love in pursuit of bliss. My intention is to direct the audience's attention to this path, to understand the flow of life.
The encrypted laws about life and love in the I Ching oracle have existed for four thousand years. The laws in place assist in the evolution of planet Earth. I understood that living aligned with THE LAWS THAT GOVERN HUMANITY is living aligned with universal LOVE.

"The Universal Laws of Love" is a project that originated from studying universal laws during the "As Above So Below" series in 2020.