Fine Art and Architectural photography + Radiesthesia in photography


When I turned 16, my heart beat for love for the first time. It was teenage love. I saw him again after 20 years. Our bond transcended time. However, time showed us truths that distanced us once more.
Studying the universal laws through the I Ching oracle, I could recognize where my fear of love originated. The universal laws of love juxtapose a love failure. The fear of love is a disease that has infected humanity. In the society in which we reside, fear directly contrasts with love and suffocates it. A community that instills fear cannot experience life freely. When did this become my belief? Then, knowledge becomes invaluable. The Mountain School in the I Ching teaches that wise individuals acknowledge their mistakes and strive not to repeat them. The woman dressed in pink who tells the story represents the pink mountain of the I Ching. There's mystical symbolism in aesthetics. The encrypted laws about life and love in the I Ching oracle have existed for four thousand years. The laws in place assist in the evolution of planet Earth. I understood that living aligned with THE LAWS THAT GOVERN HUMANITY is living aligned in time with universal LOVE.

"The Universal Laws of Love" is a project that originated from studying universal laws during the "As Above So Below" series in 2020.