Sharon Alviz was born in Barranquilla Colombia. She grew up near the ocean, so she can easily connect with spaces that represent expansion, geometric atmosphere, and nature.
She studied advertising, yet photography became her true passion. Upon completing her career, Sharon moved to Bogota to study photography at the French Academy of the Image.
She continues with other studies in fashion photography at the Bloom College, and a few years later, she takes a different path and becomes an architectural photographer.

Sharon is a conceptual artist. Her current photographs focus on clear visual language with a sense of unsettling peacefulness. She explores urban scenes and nature. Her subject of interest is the power of the mind and consciousness. The narrative reflects her unique perspective and life experience.
Inspirational quote she loves: Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes” Carl Gustav Jung.

In 2008, Sharon got her first international publication on the “Men’s Journal Magazine” in New York. Her work is also been published on the “Ministry of Culture’s Book”, “Life and Work of Petrona Martinez”, and “A tribute to the African Palenque Culture”. Other magazine publications from Colombia are Revista Cabriola, Revista Dinero, and Revista Elenco. Her contemporary projects were published internationally in some magazines including “Aesthetica”, “Inside Artist”, “Spotlight”, “U+I”, "NNC Art",Flux Review Magazine.
She currently resides in Colombia, South America.