Fine Art and Architectural photography + Radiesthesia in photography


Spring Break, Florida, March 2020.

Thought creates reality. Thought is energy.
To ignore how thoughts work is to not grasp the very nature of manifestation. Quantum physics has demonstrated how a thought can transform energy into matter; thus, a collective thought has a resonance effect on planet Earth, turning what was once an idea into a reality. Thought manifests in the physical world.
I had great curiosity amidst the crowd: What were so many voices creating with their thoughts simultaneously? This multitude of people emitted words at different frequencies; the vast majority wielded the power of intention without intention.
"Back Home" means revisiting the question: Why I am here? If I have a mind that creates realities, what do I come to create with it?
One person in the crowd was watching me as I looked towards the camera. I noticed in some photographs that there's only one person present, fully aware of that moment.

The great Kung T`ze (Confucius) said: Your life is what your thoughts make it.