If thoughts can shape our reality, then all that occurs on the outside is a reflection of our inner mind. To understand the mind, society, and the universe, it is necessary to know the laws that govern this realm.
This photographic series is based on the ancient scriptures of the Kybalion, which contains in its principles relevant ways of assimilating life. The project "AS ABOVE SO BELOW" is the representation of the seven principles of reality according to the metaphysical scope of these scriptures by concluding: “Whoever discovers its truth and applies it, will open wide all the doors of the temple of wisdom to improve his own life and relations with others and the universe”. ¿What sense would all the things out there that reflect our interior have, if it were not to incite us to change?
Her work reflects on the mechanism of using observation to represent it. The answer takes shape in constructed images.

For weeks, Sharon sits in her garden under the Neem tree contemplating, listening, and writing simple notes. Recognizing these universal laws, she breaks down a language that derives from the notion of light and fractal geometry. The result of this observation visually exposes nature with all its forms in balance.
Inspired in times of pandemic.