Fine Art and Architectural photography + Radiesthesia in photography


When I was 13, I realized my beliefs didn't align with society. Thirteen years later, I studied "The Tzolkin," the Mayan calendar, which allowed me to connect with the infinite world of universal laws. Then, "The Kybalion," the seven universal laws of Hermes Trismegistus, came into my path. Discovering these laws helped me understand the mind, society, the universe, others, and myself.
I have realized that laws govern our daily lives.
In 2020, the pandemic forced me to spend more time in the only place I could go: within myself. It was the year when I truly understood how these laws worked and the consequences we could experience when going against them.
The pandemic was the outcome of this.
This series takes inspiration from the seven universal laws penned by Hermes Trismegistus. These laws assist human beings in creating and transforming their reality through their behavior. My question was: What is the purpose of this pandemic if not to be a reflection of our inner world, urging us to change? My answer was a constructed photograph that reflects, through observation, the behavior of the plant world while respecting these laws.

Inspired by Times of Pandemic / 2020.