Fine Art and Architectural photography + Radiesthesia in photography


I have always questioned what doesn't align with my principles. A mind that seeks information and questions empowers itself. Questioning helped me find the connection between sciatic pain and myself. The belief system has been one of my major inquiries. Thanks to the cold and optionless words of a neurologist, I questioned conventional medicine.
'Amniotic' is a series that explores the sciatic pain I experienced, with a conflict in the womb. The traditional medicine we know only treats illness from a physical standpoint, amidst a society with a heart wounded by scars.
Rebirthing was my lifeline. While my skin had become hypersensitive, and the pains were constant, I started this therapy by breathing underwater in a pool, as if I were in the womb. The memories of gestation had been stored in me to one day be set free. My skin had turned into an alarm screaming at me: Heal.
The two women represent Mother and Daughter.