Sharon Alviz started her career shooting photos for publicity projects that included History Channel Latin America and Bogota Greater Mayor’s Office. Within the same line, she takes pictures for campaigns for Dian (Colombian internal revenue service), Mercedes Benz and Social Protection Ministry. Her interest for photography initiated when she was studying publicity, and entering the dark room for the first time. At the end of her career she studied photography for two years, at the “Academia Francesa de la Imagen” (French Academy of Image), and stayed in Bogota 10 years. Her first photographs were double exposure experiments, with a Camex 3000 in 35mm format. Since 2006 she starts her first editorial projects, where she includes architecture as a basis of her interest for geometry and shapes. In the year 2008 she manages her first international publication with the communication media Men´s Journal in New York. Since 2016, she takes again her personal contemporary projects, where she reflects her experiences and thoughts that she decides to make into new possibilities, to line them up with her new way of seeing them. She restores and creates beauty, where she could not see it before. Sharon Alviz was born in Barranquilla; she currently resides in Puerto Colombia.

Individual exhibition in “Museo del Atlántico” – Barranquilla
Individual exhibition in the public library “La Aldea” – Antioquia
Group exhibition in “Alianza Mar de Fondo & Proyectarte” – Bogotá

Projects and Publications
Aesthetica Magazine, Smart Classrooms “Mary Mount” School,“Universidad del Atlántico” Theater, Smart Classrooms “Universidad del Norte”, Combarranquilla,Gases del Caribe, “Cromos” Magazine,Andrés Cepeda,Mojito Lite, Lafam,Targetti, Vanitatis, “Cabriola” Magazine – Bolívar Ministry of the Interior,“Dinero” Magazine, “Elenco” Magazine, “Cartel Urbano” Magazine, Ministry of Culture: Tribute to the African “Negra-Palenquera” Culture.

Personal projects
Sharon Alviz is a conceptual artist that creates desolate compositions in clean surfaces, without noise from elements. She is interested in experimenting landscapes, especially urban landscape, color and geometry. She has a peculiar perspective from what she perceives of her surroundings, where human figure intervenes with apparent lack of interest. She is interested in architecture and the forms that compose it, geometry influences the way she relates to them. A portrait and a simple atmosphere also represent them. Her color palette is soft, although she always heightens one color. Willian Eggleston and Lartigue have influenced the way she relates to color. Her sense of aesthetics reflects an urban style and her characters tell life anecdotes with a stylist approach.
Sharon does not portray happy moments, but she transforms them to that state: peaceful images, attractive and sophisticated, where the aesthetic is harmonious and can visually take you to another time. Solid color is part of her scenes; the subjects generate a certain visual tension. Her new choices create new positive possibilities to change the stories behind her photographs in real life. For her, geometry has its own soul in the infinite space, and it is there where everything happens.
Sharon creates a personal Project called “Revista Bocado”, exploring life in a healthy, amusing and purposeful manner. A contemporary magazine aiming to nurture body, mind and soul, if we want to live like eternally young and free beings, in healthy bodies.