"Artist's Statement "

Life is not like a script. Though, the majority of people live it thus. I usually climb the tallest tree to see the world and appreciate it from that height. My projects reveal the thoughts of humanity, represented in actions which I question, and which have a connection in my subconscious, since they drive me to explore the beauty behind it, to transform it into another possibility. Geometry and color inspire me for it. I seek the origin of that state of happiness behind what I question and experience. I rebuild stories in flat color environments, to show the other face of chaos. ¿How does this vision help other people? Happiness is a state of consciousness that celebrates life; the conflict becomes art, becomes beauty, to rewrite the stories again. What I do is reinforce the positive feelings and download them on my photos. It is my way of responding to them. I am like an architect of time and space, rebuilding them with great pleasure.